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Santiment is a datafeeds and market intelligence platform for cryptocurrency assets.

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$BNB has been sloping downward over the past few months, retracing 53% since hitting its ATH of $39.35 this June. The cryptoverse is anxiously awaiting another $BNB rise, as the #1 global volume exchange, #Binance, just completed its 9th quarterly burn of their native coin. We

Yesterday, we posted about #0x $ZRX's surging performance the past three months vs. the vast majority of tokens. A mainstay on Emerging Trends for the past week, its social dominance/daily active addresses have also increased considerably. Check it out!

#Ethereum $ETH's Average Age Consumed in Days metric just saw its largest spike in 20 months on Oct. 13th. This is the average number of days that tokens were idle before being moved on a given date. Generally, this can be a sign of impending volatility.

#SanBase's Emerging Trends effectively accomplishes what #GoogleTrends does, but filters for cryptocurrency focused topics that aren't available on their platform and provides data in easy comprehensible ways for the crypto community. Learn about what

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