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Elastos is the world's first Internet operating system focusing on decentralizing Internet using blockchain. elastos uses the Internet as the base-layer infrastructure rather than as an application, and emphasizes that network communications should be separated from application computing. It also prohibits apps from directly accessing the network so as to prevent malicious attacks.

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And now time for a quick recap of the last two weeks. #Elastos #ElastosWeekly

Elastos is not just a blockchain. Elastos is a new internet. Last week, we introduced @ElastosAcademy: developer portal for the Elastos Internet. #btc #eth #p2p #dapps #elastos #ownyourdata #developer

Learn. Discover. Build.

We are building a new internet run by code, not corporations. Big tech is "listening," are you? #decentralizetheweb #ownyourdata #elastos #saynotosurveillancecapitalism

The Elastos Blockchain is undergoing unscheduled maintenance to fix a performance issue. Wallets may be unable to perform transactions while this is resolved. Thank you for your patience. #Elastos #ElastosWallet

ETH and NEO Sidechain's release schedule, a hackathon recap, Cyber Republic updates and more in this edition of our Bi-Weekly update. #Elastos #ElastosWeekly

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