Creating a brand new Cryptocurrency Ep#14

Ultimate Money Podcast Episode #014: Castlecoin Part 1

So far on this journey, I’ve learned the basics of crypto, learnt about a range of altcoins, spoke to an average crypto investor and I spoke to a professional coin trader.

Today, we take a look at life on the other side of the coin; I interview the CEO of a new company in the early stages of their life in the cryptosphere.

James Lynch is the CEO of Castlecoin, and we speak about how they’re aiming to solve some of the major problems or traditional real estate investing.

Check them out at

Adam Ashton

Adam Ashton

Adam Ashton is an experienced podcaster and entrepeneur with a genuine interest in the world of cryptocurrency. Having a Bachelor of Commerce and experience working in the banking sector, he's always had a keen interest in finance.

Adam is enthusiastic about the evolution of cryptocurrency and is excited to share that journey of learning with Ultimate Money listeners and readers.

Note: None of the information should be considered financial advice. We merely provide opinions and education so that you can Do Your Own Research. Cryptocurrencies have a history of volatility and Ultimate Money is not responsible for any financial losses or gains you may have when investing in any crypto coins or related projects.

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