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0x is an open, permissionless protocol allowing for ERC20 tokens to be traded on the Ethereum blockchain.

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The Year of the 0x 🐂 is off to an incredible start!

Starting today, users of @DeBankDeFi can get the best prices on the market thanks to their new integration with 0x API.

Check it out at (be sure to choose "Matcha" 🍵as the source)

DeBank 📊@DeBankDeFi

- 🥳 @matchaxyz is integrated in DeBank Swap as one of our quotation sources!

- Find the best price offer among all #DEX aggregators (@matchaxyz,@1inchExchange,@paraswap,@TotleCrypto) on @DeBankDeFi Swap:


🗳️Vote today for the 0x V4 Upgrade!🗳️

In 1 hour, $ZRX holders can head to to begin casting their vote on the proposed upgrade.

For a refresher on the feature-packed upgrade click here:

One of the great things about using the @0xProject API has been their constant focus on gas usage optimization that directly benefits all DeFi Saver users.

We're looking forward to implementing latest updates that further reduce gas costs.🙏

🚨Scam Alert🚨

We've become aware of a v4 upgrade email scam suggesting ZRX token holders are required to upgrade their tokens as part of the transition to v4.


We've reached out to Substack to remove the article.

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