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The first cryptocurrency to implement the Zerocoin protocol to ensure private transactions.

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Watch Reuben, Zcoin's COO discuss tradeoffs in cryptocurrency design (from Bitcoin's block size to privacy choices), Zcoin's Lelantus, Twitter Etiquette, the inevitable dominance of Privacy coins in everyday use on Crypto GrownUps.

Upon Special request by the german @zcoinofficial #XZC community:
Big Z is in the house. Only for insiders 🤫:

We are happy to release our beta Zcoin wallet that greatly improves the user experience and also encourages Sigma minting! Give us feedback in our forums!

v0.13.8.4 has been released

This is an optional but recommended update for all users, Znodes, mining pools and exchanges.

It fixes a deadlock that resulted in nodes becoming randomly unresponsive along with other minor bugs.

Users of Satang App can now pay with Zcoin at over 5 million Thai merchants

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