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Enables software-driven P2P capital markets without brokerages, banks or traditional exchanges.

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Our response to SEC allegations has been filed and is now public. While it may appear voluminous, it should be considered MANDATORY READING for those in the fintech/blockchain space, and legal eagles alike. Read the declarations as well as the memo

Asia Surprises With Cuts in Global Race to Monetary Bottom: New Zealand, India, Thailand cut rates today, which causes VeGold to likely win the private monetary race to the top! This get's very interesting as we're about to release more VeGold facts


Stablecoins now move more value than @venmo. Change is here! Who's the most stable of the stablecoins? USD-based stablecoins are down 22% against VeGold! Buy VeGold direct with ETH, USD or any fiat currency, without an exchange! See

If (when) China drops rates and allows the yuan to fall further, an increase in capital flight out of China is guaranteed. Bitcoin, VeGold, etc. will benefit materially. From a risk-adjusted reward perspective, VeGold is the most impressive crytpo assets

Higher rents + lower retail foot traffic - Internet retail = Bankruptcy. And for he biggest luxury names in the biggest luxury city in the world. If this happens when rates are falling amid currency debasement, the ? of recessions is no ? at all!

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