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Power Ledger is enabling the sale of surplus renewable energy generated at residential and commercial developments.

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Power Ledger launches Phase 2 of RENeW Nexus, extending the Fremantle trial until December. The second phase will gain a deeper insight into consumer preferences and test additional pricing models. @CurtinMedia @SynergyEnergy @westernpowerwa

This Week in Blockfolio Signal:

- @KomodoPlatform Develops 1000x Faster Simple Payment Verification 💸
- @OntologyNetwork Announces 5 New DeFi Partnerships 🤝

+ more from @CardanoStiftung, @maticnetwork, & @PowerLedger_io on the blog:

A global shift toward green energy will require the removal of the technological/infrastructural, financial and regulatory policy barriers. Thanks for featuring our recent announcement on the successful KEPCO trial @Cointelegraph.

Power Ledger's KEPCO trial makes headlines in major crypto publication @Cointelegraph as the level of blockchain adoption in the global energy sector increases. @anacalexandre features Power Ledger's successful trial results with Japan's second largest utility, KEPCO. Our trial demonstrates the benefits of trading surplus power P2P. @Investingcom

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