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A privacy-focused, decentralized, open source cryptocurrency run by a global community run by creators, innovators, and technology enthusiasts.

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Check out the #Top10 features of the #PIVX New Core Wallet 4.0 all in one #YouTube playlist.

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It's been a long time coming, but we have a site for #PIVXmerch! More items to be added.

Thx,@Crypto_SI, and others for making it happen!

Pay with PIVX! Show it off & tag #PIVXmerch or #JoinTheTribe for a chance to win more merch on us!

For those who have downloaded the new #PIVX Testnet QT Core Wallet - which is your favourite screen mode?

Please go here for all the details and downloads.

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#PIVX has always been the leader in #ProofofStake #Privacy & now adding user-friendly tools to their repertoire. Join us in breaking the barriers of crypto complexity. Read the latest article by @robert_devoe about the new #PIVXWallet.

Thanks to all those testing the new #PIVX Core Wallet 4.0!

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