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A virtual reality world where users can buy and build on parcels of land.

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Ready for @web3summit. Send me a message if you want to talk about @decentraland, onboarding, UX or governance during #Berlinblockchainweek.

@decentraland had a play test so we put together a quick highlight reel. We also added our reaction to the launch of our mini game on #decentraland at the end. @iman_blockrun @TheOscarJGomez

Last week we deployed our Escape Room into @Decentraland so we made a quick video tutorial about how to upload your scene, check it out 👇👇

#VR #Blockchain $MANA

Come and have a look at our new Chinese post of Chainbreakers update on
@decentraland @cchainbreakers

📢 Creative Contest Now Open for Submissions! Create an artwork of your favorite #dapp with and win a share of 400K+ $DAPPT, $TRX $TOMO and #NFTs! Check rules here →


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