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A virtual reality world where users can buy and build on parcels of land.

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Though @MetaZoneio pulled in a 6:0 win, it still wasn't enough to win the group!

Congratulations to @decentralgames for winning both of their matches and becoming the champions of Group F!

@nonfungibles really made the last 2:3 match tough for ya!


Playing in your home stadium, in front of your own crowd seems to be helping a lot... πŸ™‚

Congrats to @decentraland 's team for winning Group E!

Shout out to @AxieGg and @SorareHQ for giving their best! The last match was a really close one!

#Decetraland #Moonshot

Congrats to @decentralgames for winning this round in the @dclmoonshot Crypto World Cup in @decentraland!

Hats off to the team and the MVP @Rednitrous18

Looking forward to a follow up!

Moonshot World Cup: @decentralgames @MetaZoneio and @nonfungibles play to win Group F and advance to the knockout stages. 11:45 UTC.
thanks to Official Sponsors @Bullionix_io @gamecredits @maticnetwork @DCLBlogger and @SorareHQ

Moonshot World Cup: Which team will triumph as Group E winners?
9.45pm UTC
Looks like a tough group!
@SorareHQ @decentraland and @AxieGg will shoot it out for a place in the next round.
Official Sponsors @Bullionix_io @gamecredits @maticnetwork @DCLBlogger and @SorareHQ

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