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The first decentralized oracle network; allowing smart contracts secure access to external data, off-chain payments, and other API capabilities.

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The waiting room for the #DeFi livestream chat with with @sassal0x for @SetProtocol & @EidJohann for #Chainlink is now open. Subscribe to Chainlink's YouTube channel for future alerts! Join the livestream now:

Tune in today @ 10pm EDT for a livestream chat with @sassal0x for @SetProtocol & @EidJohann for #Chainlink. They'll discuss how #SetProtocol's integration w/ #Chainlink brings new financial primitives to #DeFi. Subscribe to Chainlink's YouTube for alerts:

🚀🚨🔥We just released an unbelievable interview with @SergeyNazarov of @chainlink and @Smart_Contract #chainlink

We break down what a future running on irreversible, autonomous, machine-to machine value transfers really looks like.

Tune in at 1900 CEST (5pm GMT) for Block and Wine Goes Virtual. A @chainlink focused event hosted by @anonsummit and @ChainlinkAt. Sign up below.

The world increasingly relies on data. Smart contracts will be no different. Chainlink is the only solution to bring data into smart contacts through a decentralized, secure manner. The future is now.

#link #chainlink #eth

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