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A continuation of the original Ethereum blockchain - the classic version preserving untampered history prior to the July 2016 DAO hack.

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Phoenix builds upon the last year’s Atlantis and Agharta upgrades and further improves the compatibility of ETC with ETH.

#EthereumClassic’s Phoenix Rises via @ICOExaminer

Ethereum Classic social volume just hit a 1-month high on 699 unique social posts today.

Other recent $etc social volume highs...
3M & 6M high on 2/9/20 - 1,578 posts
1Y high on 9/11/19 - 1,655 posts @eth_classic #ethclassic #eth_classic

It's strongly advised that #EthereumClassic node operators use Core-Geth, maintained by @etc_core, or Hyperledger Besu, funded by @ETCCooperative.

Phoenix ETC Hard-Fork, On Schedule, Proceeds to Accepted Status by @StevanLohja

Bitstamp Considers Adding Support For #EthereumClassic and Six Others via @financemagnates

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