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More Info About Coin is a cryptocurrency trading platform which is introducing Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR) to revolutionize the current trading environment by providing a trustworthy, transparent, safe, and reliable place to exchange ERC20 tokens and other cryptocurrencies that are foreseen to evolve in the future.

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📢New Listing Announcement: listing @TolarHashNET token on June 9.
$TOL will be trading against $ETH.

After the listing, Tolar ERC-20 token will be migrated to a native Tolar chain. Stay tuned for more information.

#TOL #ETH #TokensNet

In 2 weeks, we will host the 2nd trading competition!

Find out about 2M #LANA reward pool on our #blog: and prepare the questions for the #AMA in on June, 6.

Happy trading!

@LanaCoin #LANA #USDT #tradingcompetition #TokensNet

- $BTC Addresses Craig Wright Claims to Own Used to Classify Wright as “Fraud”
- #COVID19 Crisis is Setting the Stage for @Bitcoin
- Is Tech Sector Winning: Trump Vs @Twitter?
@jack 1, @realDonaldTrump 0

More on #TokensNet blog:


The total possible number of @Bitcoin addresses is exactly 2^160.

In decimal number this is:

For comparison, there are only 2^63 grains of sand on all of the beaches of the Earth.

#Bitcoin $BTC

Today @Bitcoin surged above $9000.

Which past events made #Bitcoin go from zero to #moon ?
Analyze the reasons for the #BTC price crashes and rises:

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