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DigixDAO tokenizes gold on Ethereum, leveraging the Distributed Ledger for its immutability, transparency and auditability by applying it to precious physical assets.

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Catch our Co - founder @shaundjie and @monolith_web3 CEO @MelGelderman in a live discussion on $TKN, $DGX, and why our partnership makes complete sense.

Watch our live stream here:

⚠️ Reminder: Thanks to @DigixGlobal, we're making #gold rain!

Order and activate your #debitcard to receive .1g worth of gold in $DGX
Claim another .1g by spending it on your 💳 and sharing about it on Twitter

It's time to shine! 🌟 #ethereum #DGX

Shaun Djie speaking on DAO, one of the most widely discussed topics, at Web3 Summit 2019 in Berlin.

“We have one of the most active, constructive community out there on Discord, which I think is the difference to what DigixDAO is today."

#blockchain #web3 #digix #dao

Get out your $DGX and $DGD – it's competition time! Borrow against your tokens between now and 26th August for your chance to win up to $250 🤑

T&Cs: Min $2500 loan. Min 2-month term. No early repayment. New loans only. Prizes: $100, $150, & $250.

👉 .1g of tokenized gold for EU users 🇪🇺!

Until end of Aug, share a photo of you spending $DGX with your Monolith Visa card and tag @monolith_web3 @digixglobal for the gold.

Haven't got a card?
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