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A rapidly growing three year old decentralized global blockchain with a focus on cyber security, payments & secure communications.

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The battle between centralization and decentralization is one of the greatest struggles of our time.

Spoken like a true legend. In more than one way. Well stated good sir.

Even shorter explanation. You see ipfs:// instead of https:// in url bar. And you put in data hashes or blockchain Domain names (jared.DGB) that equate to a blockchain hash or DigiID user etc to find decentralized content. Huge applications for #DigiByte.

Couldn't wait, had to do a #DigiByte update to talk about this a little more! Sure it's only 3 minutes long, but I'm keen for this to be what happens over the coming few weeks as we ramp up finalization of $DGB Core 8.21.1 😎
Check it out:

Testing, testing, testing #DigiByte ... Can you see what I see? 😍
(This is on mainnet now too so you might also see it in the wild)

Release ETA: Still being worked on, more testing needed! Stay tuned 👍

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