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A scalable blockchain platform that enables high bandwidth transacting, purely-functional smart contracts, and decentralized oracles.

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#SuperHeroLeague is on!

Watch the live streaming here:

#SuperHeroLeague starts in a few minutes!

Join the main track here:

#SuperHeroLeague starts in less than 1 hour with the panel of @ivanbrezakbrkan from @netokracija Ivan Nanut from @cryptotask_2017 and Aco Momcilovic from @FutureHRC

We kick off at 4 PM CEST:

Art + Tech advocate @damstuhltrager advocates for #P2P potentials during times of "Social distancing as industry disruptor".

Why she jumped in as CMO for revealed!


Berlin cultural mover and shaker Daniel Plasch @Stattbad joins the #SuperHeroLeague panel on "Social distancing as industry disruptor" #SuperheroLegion

Join the virtual gathering this THURSDAY - 4 PM CEST:

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